Fruit Availability


The best time to check for Cherry availability is Canada Day (July 1st).

They’re never in stock or on the trees longer than 2 weeks!

Available pre-picked or U-pick

Here at Cherry Lane Farm we offer you the chance to get your fruit as fresh as fresh gets. Here’s what we have by month:

In early to mid July we have a variety of Cherries that are ready. Just remember that due to their huge popularity they get picked pretty fast, viagra so you have to come within those first few couple of weeks or you won’t get much!

Starting in early August the Transparent apples come into bearing. They’re around for a few weeks before the Gravenstein apples are ready. The Transparents are best as a sauce apple as they’re fairly tart and also quite soft. When picked on the under-ripe side they’re better for baking as they’re more firm at that stage. Gravenstein apples are a good all-round work horse apple as they’re a bit more firm, cheapest and have a nice tart-sweet balance that you won’t find in any other apple.

This is perhaps the best month of the year because it’s when the plums come around. Our plums are Early Italian Prune Plums, more about which are very sweet and excellent for drying, fresh eating, baking, or brewing. Typically Damsons are best for brewing, but our Italian plums serve the purpose well, too. They’re usually ready in around the first to the second week of September, and as with the cherries, they sell out with astonishing speed.

Also available are: Jona Gold, Spartan, Wealthy, and Golden Delicious apples. They’re around from the 2nd-4th weeks of September.

October yields the finest apples of the year Van Der Pol Reds and Belle de Boskoop. Van Der Pol Reds are usually in fairly short supply as we process most of them into juice, but Belle de Boskoop apples make the finest baking apple with an almost orange-like undertone and they’re quite good for blending in juices, too, as they have a nice sharp flavour.