And We’re Online!

FINALLY! This has really been on the drawing table for a while, information pills but now we’ve finally got a better way of broadcasting what’s going on on the farm. Over the next few weeks there will be lots of minor, information pills and possibly major, tadalafil changes so that the page is easy to navigate and not too hard on the eyes. The first major fix that I need to figure out is how to get rid of the “leave a comment” button that exists on the left hand side of every page. After that’s taken care of a re-evaluation of the font ought to be in order, as in the wise words of Bob, “It’s too cold. It’s more fitting for a chemical manufacturer.” After I checked out the website of BASF I realized that he’s wrong.

Even their site looks plenty more cuddly than mine!

See what I mean? It’s actually kind of hilarious. Talk about P.R. in overdrive.

But enough silliness. The last addition I have on my to do list is to create a recipe section for our produce. Quite a few customers ask on a regular basis how you’d cook a given fruit or vegetable; I can’t always remember exact recipes off-hand, and instead of writing it down on a scrap of paper I’ll now have it online so that you can always refer back to it. I figure I’ll start with the recipes posted by my friend Hal Taylor and my dad on the Facebook fan page, and over the Fall and Winter I’ll gradually put up some other things and post pictures of the dishes.

If anyone has any more ideas that they’d like to suggest I’m all ears!

As for the discrepancy between the website url (plural) and the header (singular), as Dee put it: “ can’t work unless you go on down to Virginia and arm wrestle Ryan and Gretchen for it.”

Anyway, I need to get some batteries (and duct-tape) for my new hand-me-down digital camera so that I can post some pictures here on the blog regarding day to day and week to week occurrences. My eyes could probably do with a rest for a few hours as I’ve been tweaking this page for the past 9.