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Our home and little family enterprise, look Cherry Lane Farm, patient has been a stand-out feature in Richmond since the early 50s. We specialize in supplying the best restaurants, hotels, and grocers in Metro Vancouver with the finest organic produce that you’ll find.

We grow a variety of different vegetable crops that we sell here off the farm and that you can also enjoy at some of Vancouver’s the finest restaurants including Savio Volpe, Shangri-La, Nightingale, Rocky Mountain Flatbread, Burdock and Co., Forage, Espana and many many others

Milomir and Margarita Savkovic started the operation when they came to Canada from Serbia after the Second World War. They modeled it after the kind of farms that existed in around during the pre-war era, which were and to a large extent still are family farms that grow a large variety of crops on small fields where everything is done by hand. We still remain loyal to that ideal, and we grow all of our products the way they should be: without any synthetic chemicals or genetically modified seeds.

In 2008 I started to learn about the family operation and how to run it. It all started as a grueling summer job and the first two years were a tad turbulent–to say the least–because of the learning curve involved in growing dozens of different crops and effectively marketing them. One day my father remarked to me, “why are you selling this stuff for 1970s prices?! Go to the hotel up the road and talk to the chef about if he wants any veggies!” So I went to the back door of the Abercorn and meekly asked the then Chef, Don, “excuse me, are you the chef here?” and gave him a bag of shelling peas to try out. He was astounded by the fact that he found a place that could pick and deliver crops from the field to his restaurant in less than an hour. From there we’ve developed relationships with some of the finest and most inventive chefs in Vancouver.

Some of the best ideas come from a simple remark, just like how in the late 50s Milomir remarked to the man who would eventually go on to establish Richmond Country Farms: “well why don’t you put a sign on the road?”

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