Kale! Garlic Scapes! They’re in!

Alright folks, physician the Russian Kale and the Lacinato Kale are both ready, web and the garlic scapes are in too. For those who ain’t in the know, information pills garlic scapes are the “flower” formation that garlic plants produce right before they start to produce a bulb. One picks them when they’re still immature–they’ll turn into what looks¬†reminiscent of s miniature garlic bulb. They’re excellent for sauteing,¬†barbecuing, and–for the garlic lovers amongst us–eating straight. Use them exactly like you’d use garlic. The only difference is that this stuff is prettier and it’s not dried. They’re pretty pungent, so if you want to have something to tide you over before the garlic comes out of the ground in about a month this is the stuff. Will post pictures soonish.

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